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Fujitsu announced Fi Series scanners fi-7700, fi-7600, Fi-7700S

Fujitsu fi-7700Fujitsu announced its latest Fi Series flatbed A3-capable models Fujitsu Fi-7700, Fi-7600 and Fi-7700S. It’s heavy duty professional scanners for business.  Imaging devices can achieve up to 100 pages per minute scanning speed at 300 DPI, or 200 pages in duplex mode which is pretty impressive. New models have 300 sheets ADF and If you compare with 50 sheets ADF it will make your job a lot faster. You can look to our database for full specs

Corporate Executive Vice President & President of Imaging Business Group, Kenichi Miyamoto told in a press release: “We improve the work efficiency at back office such as government, financial institutions, healthcare, and service bureau in their need. From thin paper to plastic cards, books, magazines, envelopes and long paper, our products enable the scanning of a variety of business documents with a single scanner.”

If you look at introduction video, you will see how functionals scanners are.

Key features of Fi-7700, Fi-7600 and Fi-7700S:

One of the main new features of Fujitsu imaging devices is a mechanism for stable paper feeding, so you can be sure, that documents fill go straight trough feeder. Paper Picking Control function detect every paper movement and control pressure for smooth and continuous feeding.  Skew Reducer is one more processing feature under the hood. It will help improve the feeding performance significantly and prevent scanned documents from missing edge. In addition to this, Paper Protection function observe paper feeding and detect any anomalies which can damage document. Scanners comes with PaperStream IP (TWAIN/ISIS) and PaperStream Capture software

As usual Fi-7700, Fi-7600 and Fi-7700S have both TWAIN and ISIS drivers and OCR processing option. Devices can automatically crop, recognize barcodes, sort and index documents by barcode or patch codes.  For full specs, you can look at our database.


Fi-7700 (s) and Fi-7600 is designed to be easily adjustable to suit everyone’s needs. ADF can slide to left or to right or rotated by 180 degrees. Operating devices is easy. LCD screen will you check status of the scanner.

Overall Fujitsu did a great job by releasing a new line of document scanners for 2017.

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