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InoTec adds scanspeed adjustable button for SCAMAX 4×3

German company InoTec GmbH, maker of unlimited daily duty production scanners released an update for its SCAMAX 4X3  series scanners. A new functionality called “Scanspeed” gives the option to adjust scanning speed from the device display. InoTec says, that this may be unique functionality in mid and high volume scanner market.

SCAMAX speed adjustable buttonFor example, SCAMAX® 433 can do about 170 pages per minute at standard speed, but now it’s possible to slow down scanning speed to 150, 120 or 90 pages per minute. If you think why do I need to do this? The answer actually is very simple and in some way genius. If you have sensitive and fragile documents, sometimes you don’t ant to go at full throttle, because you can damage document and want to go gently with it. What is more intresting, that this new function was added after one of InoTec client suggestion.

SCAMAX 4×3 build to last

The German manufacturers are known for high quality, precision, reliable engineering and InoTec is no different. All scanners are made of top quality materials and are built to last. InoTec has even developed a flexible upgrade concept and what it means, that you can upgrade from an older model to new by changing only what’s needed and not all scanner. It means you can upgrade scanning speed, upgrade from bitonal/gray level scanner to color one.

SCAMAX 4X3 series have four production scanners. SCAMAX® 403 with 90 pages per minute and 180 images per minute in duplex mode,  SCAMAX® 413 – 120 ppm and 240 ipm, SCAMAX® 423 – 150 ppm and 300 ipm and fastest SCAMAX® 433 with 170 ppm, and 340 ipm. All scanners are designed for unlimited daily volume and can work continuously 24/7.

New functionality is possible for all SCAMAX 4×2 and 4×3 scanners by the sowftware update and is free of charge.

A week ago we reviewed a Kodak unlimited i5000 series scanners but they don’t have yet ability to adjust scanning speed.


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