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Unlimited scanning with Kodak i5000 document scanners

KodakAlaris, the company owned by UK Kodak Pension plan, are famous for Kodak i5000 series unlimited heavy duty production scanners. We have added a Kodak i5000 series scanners to our review and scanners database including newest models i5250, i5650 and i5850. We will briefly look at what specs and functionality scanners have. Like I mentioned before, scanners have unlimited Daily Duty Cycle and what it means, that scanners are ready to work 24/7 and are able to scan us many documents as you can, or your hardware can. Kodak i5000 series are high-end series scanners with 750-sheet automatic elevator. The 5 independent ultrasonic zones, guarantees optimum multi-feed detection.

Kodak i5000 are high-end series scanners, and from high-end scanners, you want to expect reliable and precision high-quality scanning.  The least powerful Kodak i5250 scanner goes from 150 pages per minute, while midrange Kodak i5650 and most powerful i5850 can do accordingly 180 and 210 pages per minute with unlimited Daily Duty Cycle.  Kodak i5850 is a floor standing model with major advance in the ergonomically friendly production scanning

If you need automatic sorting capabilities, KodakAlaris have special models Kodak i5650S and i5850S.

Kodak i5000 series

Kodak i5250V and i5650V models come with Kofax OEM VirtualReScan (VRS) Professional connectivity onboard. what it means, that you can use Kofax patented image enhancement perfection software. Automatically evaluates every scanned page and applies the correct image quality and enhancement settings like orientation, cropping, format, and even hole punch removal.  Kofax VRS can dramatimaticaly improve document capture process.

As usual, the i5000 series comes with TWAIN, ISIS and WIA drivers for maximum usage and supports only Windows operating systems, from retired WindosXP, up to Windows 10.  Scanning technology is CCD (Charged Coupled Device ). Recommended requirements for PC configuration is Intel Core i5 (Sandy Bridge or newer), running at 2.7 GHz or higher; USB port 3.0 (Super speed) or 2.0 (High Speed); 4 GB RAM or more.

Additional accessories and options are available:

  • Enhanced Printer Accessory (front pre-scan and rear post-scan).
  • Manual feed shelf.
  • Lead Edge Alignment exit tray.
  • Document Extenders 66.04 cm, 76.02 cm and 86.36 cm (26 in., 30 in. and 34 in.).
  • Kodak Legal Size Flatbed Accessory.
  • Kodak A3 Flatbed Accessory.

Overall Kodak i5000 series production document scanners are an impressive piece of technology for any size businesses requiring fast, efficient and innovative document processing.




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