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Scanner reviewsScanViews is a scanner reviews and specifications website. We provide the latest news on scanners available in the market. Easy compare scanner and choose the best-suited scanner for you. An easy comparison is a huge help to review and select scanner.

Different brands scanner reviews

Most popular brands of scanners like Epson, Canon, HP, Fujitsu and a lot of others are here for you to chose from. wherever you want, you can find all information about scanners here. Latest and most popular scanners.

Here at scanviews we provide information about huge amount of scanners. We have Documents scanners, flatbed scanners reviews and even portable scanners reviews.

  • Document scanners are mostly designed for fast office and home document scanning in batches.
  • Flatbed scanners are scanners designed for scanning all kinds of information. It can be document, photos, books or other information. Flatbed scanners are usually great choice if we want scan mixed kind of material.
  • Portable scanners are usually small scanners for quick usage. It takes less space and you can bring it to another place without problems. It is a good choice if you have a small amount of material.

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