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WideTEK 36ART – Inovation for Perfect ART Scanning

WideTEK 36ARTImageAccess introduced the new innovative WideTEK 36ART scanner. It’s a large format scanner, designed specifically for art scanning. ImageAccess, a Germany company who have a long history of having specialized not only wide, large format scanners, but they make an incredibly impressive book scanners called Bookeye too. Today we will review their new large format scanner WideTEK 36ART. ImageAccess says, that this scanner designed to scan fine art without contact. It can scan art like oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, charcoal and pastel drawings, mixed media collages and antique works of art. WideTEK 36ART can scan at 600dpi and in formats up to impressive 914×1524 mm (36×60 inches). If you think, its a perfect for museums, auctions or private collectors who can digitize they own collections of art for publication to catalogs and websites or use it for print. Reprography specialists can offer fine art digitization as a service, which has already proven to be a lucrative market.

By using WideTEK 36ART scanner the original artwork is moved under the CCD camera elements completely in a contactless mode, in such way protecting precious artwork from any damage. One more feature is, that by scanning in such way, you can scan painting while the paint is still wet. Additional to that, it is possible to use scanner for scanning framed artwork

WideTEK 36ART key features

  • WideTEK® 36 ART Further highlights
  • Output formats: PDF, PDF/A, Multipage PDF, JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, PNM, png, bmp, PSB (Photoshop Big), Raw Data, Postscript etc.
  • Authenticity of colors
  • UV and IR-free LED lighting
  • Geometrical accuracy
  • Large color space: supports sRGB, Adobe RGB, native
  • ICC color profile
  • Scan2USB – Walk up scanning to a USB device
  • Scan2Network – Output to network resources, SMB, FTP • Virus resistant Linux – OS
  • Remote maintenance and analysis
  • Firmware updates via web interface

In cooperation with Epson, Canon and HP, ImageAccess made impressive and innovative professional art reproduction scanner. With native printer drivers installed on the scanner, WideTEK makes colors even more accurately resulting in a perfect digital image. You can download brochure if you are looking for more information about this digital imaging device.

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